Central Ohio Service Academy Seminar 3/5/19

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    The academy coordinators for Senator Sherrod Brown and Senator Rob Portman will be hosting a seminar in Hamilton on Tuesday, March 5th!! This event is open to interested students who would like to learn more about the congressional nomination process.

    Tuesday, March 5 ,2019
    St. Charles Prep
    2010 East Broad Street
    Bexley, Ohio 43209
    5:30p.m.-6:00p.m. - -Academy Open House
    6:00p.m.-8:00p.m. - - Presentation

    RSVP to the senator's academy coordinators. suzanne_cox@portman.senate.gov and/or sue_klein@brown.senate.gov.

    We will be joined by recent appointees, and academy liaisons for USAFA, USMA, and USNA!

    If you are unable to attend the seminar on March 5th, the full schedule is attached!

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