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    I've heard that I can go any lawyer, police or like my local post office and ask them to certify it but when i went to my local police office, they said they didnt know what i was talking about. Does anyone know where I can get a certified/notarized copy of my passport besides sending it to the Department of State Office of Legal Affairs in Washington DC?
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    Make a copy and take it with your original to a notary public - some, but not all lawyers or legal assistants, but often banks have them, and those mailing stores. Attach to it a piece of paper that looks like this:

    STATE OF ____
    COUNTY OF ____

    The undersigned hereby certifies that the foregoing document is a true and correct copy of Passport No. ____ issued to ___ on ______

    [Signature][Printed name]
    My commission expires ____
    They will stamp it with a notary seal and sign and date it.

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