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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by buff81, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Seeing as 2017s are preparing for the CFA and seeing as the basketball throw seems to be the one CFA event that challenges most candidates, I posted in the USMA sticky section two great posts by two of our members on basketball throw techniques. The first was written by Patentesq, a parent of a then candidate, now cadet. The second is by PDB88, then a candidate, now cadet.
    Hope this helps!
    Many thanks to Patentesq and PDB88 for taking the time to post such detailed tips for improving your BB throw distance. :thumb:
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    I can personally vouch for both of the posts (by Patentesq & PDB88) that buff81 has stickied. DS used both as part of his CFA preparation last year and they were hugely beneficial. He is now a Class of 2016 new cadet, currently enjoying a leisurely summer vacation along the Hudson. :thumb:
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    Thanks, Buff81!! Great idea!:thumb::thumb:
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    My DS (class of 2016) also used these posts as guides when he practiced the BB throw prior to SLS. He then tried experimenting. Putting his hand in a slightly different position at the start - moving it a little closer to his heel (that didn't work), putting his left arm in a little farther up towards his shoulder before he threw it (that did work). The key was he found out that just by making some little corrections it made a difference. By accident he found that by tucking his chin towards his chest prior to throwing it gained him 8 feet. Moral of the story PRACTICE, he started out throwing about 60 feet and by the time SLS came he was up to 85+ feet.

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