CFA Chance me


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Aug 12, 2015
So I took a diagnostic CFA just now. The results are as listed: (21yr old male)

BB Throw: 42'3" (way below avg)
Pull-ups: 7 (below avg)
Shuttle Sprints: 10.09 (below avg)
Sit-ups: 74
Push-ups: 60
1-Mile: 6:29

I'm planning on retaking it in about two weeks or so, but as far as the current result goes, what do you guys say? Give me your honest thoughts and insights please!
Figure out how to do significantly better on the BB throw. Form and practice. Work hard to bring up the others to at least average.
If you can afford it, get a personal trainer at a local gym for a couple times a week. Knowledgeable trainers can give you specific exercises to help you improve in the areas you're lacking. It isn't just about throwing the basketball over and over. You need to develop the muscles that perform that activity.