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    Oct 16, 2018
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    Hey all...

    I sadly did not attend this year's SLE, but I'm a 2023 hopeful from MT.

    I had a question about CFA events. My upper body strength has always been lacking. My CFA is pretty good, except for my pull ups. The most I've ever done is 8, but I normally test either 5 or 6. I've looked through other threads and implemented other tips I've read over the past few months, with great outcome (I could only do 1 at the beginning of July). However, I was wondering if anyone had any last minute tips. I'm almost completely done with my application, and I'd like to submit it as soon as I can. I have an interview with a senator's nomination committee at the beginning of November, but I'm seeking nomination through parental service connection. Also, I don't have athletics... I kind of screwed myself over in that regard, I know. Let me know what you guys think... here are my stats:

    GPA: 4.33 weighted/3.96 unweighted
    Superscores: 1510SAT/34ACT
    Boys State, National Honor Society, JROTC, We the People

    1 mile: 5:18
    Sit-ups: 89
    Push-ups: 64
    Shuttle: 8.1
    Pull ups: 5/6
    Ball throw: Generally between 66-68

    So, with no athletics and yikes-worthy pull-ups, as well as limited extracurriculars, what's my competition looking like? I'd also love some tips on how to improve my pull-ups as quickly as possible. Also, feel free to ask any questions. Any and all tips are appreciated.
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    Do this: I went from 10 pull-ups at summer seminar to 16 now, will hit 18 soon. Start a stopwatch, do 3 (you might want to start with 2), rest for the remainder of the minute since you started the stopwatch, once it hits 2 minutes, do another 2, rest for the remainder, when it hits 3 minutes do another 2.....go until 10 minutes, essentially 10 sets of 2 pull-ups each. This will help you out a lottttt. Then just rest a few days after doing this for a couple weeks and max.
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    What I do is every morning hit the pull-up bar. Do three to four sets of 3 rest 30 between sets ( do for a couple days), then three to four sets of 4, and so on til I can't progress in reps per set. Do this four to five times a week and you will improve, ensure you are doing it with proper form (chin above bar and then to dead mans hang). Also when you get ready to do the actual pull-ups for the test, do not jump up and hang! Get a chair and mount your self on the bar that way you're adjusting your hand position while there's no weight on them. Additionally, close grip for stronger biceps at this point and normal to wide grip if you have a stronger back.
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    DS installed pull up bar on his bedroom door frame. Every time he passed by or under bar he did as many as he could. In one month went from 8 to 18 (could have done more but 18 is max).. Its all about effort and desire, nothing more.
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    Good advice above. Mix it up, so that your muscles don’t get accustomed to the exercise, which inhibits improvement. And above all, do each pull-up very strictly — chin completely level and above the bar. Remember that West Point requires a videotape, to ensure strict form. They won’t hesitate to mark down if your form isn’t proper.
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    Fortunately, the CFA only only 10% of the whole candidate score, so not having athletics does not hurt as much as, for example, low grades. However, WP also looks to sports for varsity letters, team participation, team captain, which is part of the leadership measurment which is 30% of the admissions score. I think you should highlight/emphasize any leadership experiences that you may have to ensure you recover any points you may not have gotten from not doing athletics.
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    Firstly just want to say - We the People!! I'm currently doing the program at my high school and its super fun to see someone else out there doing it.

    A lot of the other tips contain good advice, doing pushups and pullups often (before bed or after waking up) is a great way to improve. That does take a little time for the results to show, however. If you're going to be doing the CFA soon I'd recommend having some close friends or family to come and support you, getting yelled at by your friends to grind out one more rep can be really helpful. Also, some music in the background can be helpful as well (although I am Not sure if this is allowed).

    A big part of this assessment is psychological. You should do everything you can to prepare but on the day of the assessment you need to believe in your mind that you're going to push yourself further and rock the events. Goodluck, you've got this!