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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Colton Fisher 18, Jan 15, 2015.

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    I am currently applying to the Naval Academy. I am a freshman in college taking all the courses I was told to take to make my profile more competitive. However I am not in the best of shape. I have received a nomination from my congressman to the USNA and I am told as long as I reach the minimum scores for the CFA I have a great chance of getting in.

    I took a practice CFA and scored the following

    basketball throw: 71ft
    situps: 80
    shuttle-run: 9.1s

    is this good enough if I do it during the actual test? My pull-ups are low and that's what I am worried about. I need to test soon because the deadline is approaching and I don't think another week would really do anything. I read somewhere else that the running and pull-ups are the biggest factors in the test. Is that true? Please let me know what you think, I would hate to not make it just because of my pull-ups score. Thank you
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    Most important elements of the CFA for USNA are crunches, pushups and mile. Your scores appear to be passing based on the experience of prior candidates. However, they aren't great scores, especially when it comes to upper body strength. I agree you should take the test now b/c you may find that, under actual test conditions, you do better (or worse) than expected. If worse, at least you can try again, something you can't do if you wait until the last minute.

    If you are appointed to USNA, I recommend you focus the next 5+ months on improving your physical condition. Plebe Summer is SO much easier if you're in great shape and SO much harder if you're not. There are many physical fitness regimens you can follow (USNA puts one out, the SEALs have one, etc.). Any will work; the key is being dedicated and treating this like another class in school in terms of commitment, focus, and time.
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    A couple points. First, value the anonymity that the forum provides. When you put your full name out there people can easily ascertain detailed information such as...

    XXXXXXX born and raised. Currently XXXXXXXX Christian University '18. Service Academy hopeful (Not Navy listed). I love music and volleyball

    I have read where others have warned that you do not want to give fodder of any kind to upperclassmen at any of the service academies. I recommend changing your member name.

    As far as the CFA. My understanding is that minimums are no longer published and it would appear to me that the pull-ups is the only thing on the lower end. To come on here on January 15th is a bit late don't you think? I assume that your request for a MOC nom was in months ago. This may be too little too late, but don't procrastinate and then shoot for the minimums. You need to shoot for the maximums in all areas.

    Good luck with your application to all the service academies that you are applying.

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