cfa, kinda freaking out


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Jul 15, 2008
So I have everything done as far as the app goes to usna except the CFA. I even have a nom from Obama (before he resigned the seat) and my district rep. My only concern left with the app is doing well on the CFA. First, it would help to mention at the DODMERB physical i was 6' 4" and 260 lbs and still was deemed qualified. I play football but have not been able to garner the attention of the coaches at the academy. My question is what do i need to improve on my CFA to pass and have a decent shot at getting an appointment? Currently I am looking at scoring 3-4, maybe 5 pullups, maxing out the basketball throw, around a 9.5 for the shuttle, 55 push ups, 60 situps, and maybe a 6:50 mile. If anyone could tell me specifically if i need to do say 15 more situps that would be great, I do know that the formula isn't clear. Thanks to any and all responses. For the record, I'm well aware if I got in I would need to better these scores tenfold.
The scores actually aren't bad. You're mile time is fine, and the basketball throw is great. For the pushups and situps, you could definitely bring those up a little. I maxed those out, and my admissions counselor at USAFA said that really helped me. The pull ups, I wouldn't worry about too much. I only got 6, but it didn't pull down (haha, pun) the rest of my score too much. I guess the good news is the two you can really get better at are probably the easiest to improve on. It's easy to find time to practice pushups and situps, and if you do a few hundred a day (spread out) until the CFA you should see improvement.

Good luck!
gdesena is correct. Also, make sure that you give yourself ther test all the way through on the CFA schedule. Otherwise, you will find that your mile may be a 7:50. Three pull-ups probably won't work, but six would be great for a guy your size. It's all about practice. Good luck
Thanks a lot for the help. I'm thinking ill take it next week and again in February.
One suggestion for those who are trying to upgrade their CFAs: do hundreds of pushups and situps per day, and run at least 2-3 miles 3 days per week, but take one day off the day before your actual CFA to give your body some recovery time.

For those who want to see how much improvement you will need beyond your CFA scores (AFTER you are a MIDN), there's a PRT calculator on the USNA web site. Don't forget to convert your 1 mile time to the time for 1.5 miles!
Big Ben,

The only thing that would freak you out more would be to have an incomplete candidate file that does not go in front of the Admissions Board. Please complete your CFA and get it to the Candidate Guidance Office as soon as possible. Nominations will start rolling out very soon and viable candidates should have their records complete!

Remember, the evaluation is on a whole-person assessment. No one thing is considered by the Board. Additionally, the Board is not looking to see if you are as physically fit as a midshipman. They are looking to see if you have the potential to achieve that level of fitness.
qwerty you were right...

bball throw: 92'
Shuttle: maxed out with 6.8
pull ups: 4
sit ups: 73
push ups: 59
mile: 8:00 (I know, I know pretty bad)

Again, I am 6' 4" 260 as measured by dodmerb (now 245) so i dont know if that will help or hurt.
so did i pass?
I think you'll pass. USNA recognizes that, after completing all of the other evolutions, you'll be tired for your run. You want to work on pullups and the run before I-Day.
last post on this i promise.

so long story short the run is now 8:30. I must have failed now, correct?? arg I know I dropped the ball big time on the run.
last post on this i promise.

so long story short the run is now 8:30. I must have failed now, correct?? arg I know I dropped the ball big time on the run.
I don't think you "failed" if that CFA has been submitted, then call your admissions officer, he or she will be able to tell you if you "passed"
I think you did...
but check with your admissions officer, really.