CFA Mile and BB Throw Tips?


Jun 12, 2016
I did some dry-runs on my CFA and here is where I am at

Basketball Throw - 67 ft
Pullups -15
Shuttle Run - 8.9 sec
Sit Ups - 89
Pushups - 75
Mile - 7:30

You'll notice that my basketball throw and mile time are not exactly great and I just need some tips on improving for the real assessment (which will be in about a week).

BTW I do realize that I can pass with these scores; however, the AFA sent me an email to see if I can improve.
Lots of prior threads on CFA's & BBall throws available by using the search function. Good luck.
I am confused. I thought this was a dry run. Did you submit these scores yet, and if not, what caused you to get an email from Air Force Academy? Your scores were similar to my DS, who submitted his scores, and he didn't get an email to improve.