CFA only once?


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Nov 29, 2008
i had thought that a candidate to the academies could take the CFa as many times as needed... but not according to WP's site-- scroll to CFA question here is it true that one can only take it one time for the academies??
My understanding is that you can submit it only once (take it as often as you want just don't turn it in until you like it!). Sometimes the SA will contact a candidate ask them to take it again but this is not something you can initiate. The SA admissions has to ask for it ...
so if i were to take it @ a s.s. i would have the option of submitting it after i take it?
This is what my son was told at last year's SS regarding the CFA. As far as taking it at SS, if you pass it there you can use that score and don't have to take it again if you're satisfied with your score. However, if you don't pass it or if you think you can improve you score, you can practice and take it again with your certified PE teacher or coach. My son passed it there and didn't take it again and used the same score for USNA and USAFA.

I don't know which part of the country you are from but at last year's SS, my son said the hardest part for him was getting used to the humidity. Where we live we don't hardly ever have that kind of humidity, and he said he couldn't go to sleep at night even with all the windows open because it was so humid. During the cfa, he saw kids passing out and vomiting. He said he was surprised to see only about a 1/3 of them passed it in his group even though almost all of them were athletes.
you can PRACTICE the test all you want.
When you take the test - you submit the results.
If you are being considered for admission and fail the test or any part of it then you will be given an opportunity to retake it.
My son took the CFA at NASS last summer and was pleased with his score. The next week he was at SLS and did not do as well on the CFA - possibly because of being tired from NASS and only having one day before heading to West Point. Navy sent his better score to West Point and they used that one for his appointment.