CFA Pull Ups


Apr 4, 2015
For those who have taken the CFA (or are training to test), is there any specification on the correct form for the pullups? I'm wondering if it would be more beneficial to practice them with more narrow hand placement and elbows in, or wider placement and elbows going back. Which way is "correct" or better for the test?
I'm not sure on hand position, but they have to be dead-hang. There are CFA guidelines somewhere on the admissions site.
Do what is more efficient, take into account once you go down your arms must be fully extended and the chin must be over the bar when you go up.I haven't seen anyone perform pull ups with a close grip, So I would suggest doing the wide hand placement, but not too far from your shoulders.
You have to hang for like 2 seconds before you can go up. Place your hands about shoulder width apart. Too close, you have longer distance to pull up. Too far, it really hurts the shoulders. You have to go up and down without kipping, with a slight dead hang when you go down. The only way to train for pullups is to do pullups; pushups help get you fit but it doesn't really help. In fact, try to lose a lot of weight through cardio because every extra pound is multiplied by the amount of pullups you want to do.
Thanks for all of the helpful input! I'll be practicing practicing practicing... :)
Hands shoulder width apart is generally most efficient. You get a balance of back, shoulder, bicep, tricep, chest and abdominal muscles. I can do about 9 with a wide grip, on my record CFA I did 17 Pullups with a shoulder width grip.
Thanks! Thats how I've been practicing them and I've seen dramatic improvements over the past few weeks. :)