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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by cay1eigh, Nov 17, 2015.

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    Nov 17, 2015
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    Hey everyone! So I took my CFA yesterday and scored very badly. I got an online letter from USAFA saying I have another month to train and retake it. My scores yesterday were as follows:

    Basketball throw: 52 feet
    Shuttle run: 11.2 sec
    Flexed arm: 1 sec (awful I know)
    Sit-ups: 71
    Push-ups: 31
    Mile: 9:45

    I'm female, FYI. My main concerns are flexed arm hang and mile, for obvious reasons. If I amp up my training for the next month, do you think it's feasible that I could score at or near the averages? Also, considering any potential improvements as well as a 2260 SAT, 33 ACT, and 4.0 GPA, do you think slightly-below-average CFA scores will hurt me considerably?

    I appreciate your responses! Right now I'm aiming to do AFROTC in college, but also applying to USAFA as an intriguing and alternative option.

    Thank you!
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    First off you never know unless you try. So give it your all for the next month and see what happens. Buy a pull up bar and put it in your doorway. Every time you go in and out do flexed arm hang, negative pull ups, etc. Run 5 days a week. Bottom line is you need to be 3Q. Guessing a 1 second arm hang is a failure. Right now worry about passing to get a Q.
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    Also practice the entire CFA as if testing. It will help tremendously. Good luck.
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    I think you will have plenty of time to bring your scores up, as long as you are diligently training (at least 5 days a week). When I was training specially for the CFA, I asked my mom to hold me accountable. She and I started going to the gym before school each day and focused on the muscle groups vital to the test-- especially pull-ups. She would push me through the motion until exhaustion. I also got a pull-up bar for my doorway.

    I recommend finding someone close to you to help you train, and focus most of your energy on your weaker events. If you can do one pull-up it scores higher than maxing the flexed-arm hang; and from experience, one pull-up is much easier than maxing the flexed-arm hang.

    Also, if possible, have someone you respect/admire to administer your official test. It gives you motivation to do your best, even if you do not feel like you can. Be confident and stay focused on the end goal. And keep in mind that the AFROTC PFA requires a 1.5 mile run, but no pull-ups.

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