CFA score


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May 23, 2009
My son took the CFA at the summer session and has improved since then (scores below). He included heavier weights in his running based training this summer. I asked him if he was going to take one more time and he said no. He wants to focus on his cross country team training which does not include much upper body training. I think his scores are pretty how important are the CFA scores in the admissions process. Wondering if y'all thing that he should keep training for CFA and take over again. It is getting close to end of summer and his application is in with his recent scores. Understand my son does his own thing. But... I just wanted some input, based on responses I may talk to him about it.

Summer seminar on application
BB throw 56 67
mile 5:53 5:33
pullups 12 18 ( he really worked on these)
push ups 75 71
crunches 92 82
shutttle: 9.2 8.8