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    I took the CFA at the service academies and I have the raw scores. My squad leader told me that the raw scores are translated to a score out of 800. Does anyone know how to calculate the score to 800?
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    Yes, the admissions department does. Just like the minimum (passing scores) aren't posted, neither is the exact algorithm for how to generate the WCS to include how the CFA raw score is translated, or how your test score components fit in. I'll give you a hint - the closer you are to maxing everything, the closer you are to scoring 800.

    Keep this in mind - if an 800 point section is 10% of your overall WCS (8000 max implied), than the effort to get from a 700 to an 800 (rather significant amount of effort to train to that level) is worth how much of your potential total WCS?

    Just like continually prepping and taking the standardize tests leads to a plateau (diminishing return on effort), don't get wrapped up in the CFA and trying figure it out. At least test scores figure into academics which is weighted 6x more than the CFA. For most candidates, passing is enough effort. If you are in a competitive race for a particular vacancy and you think you are that close that it could make a difference, ask your RC. They will tell you whether it is worthwhile to retest and where you really need to focus more.
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