CFA too late for LOA?

Discussion in 'Service Academy Parents' started by Rosiepolieolee, Oct 1, 2011.

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    My gpa is currently around 88-89 and my sat and acts are in the required range but cutting close. I was wondering if my CFA results could make up for my low grades. I didn't take my CFA yet but practice I hit the maximum for everything
    I am a girl:

    basketball throw 68 ft.
    7 pullups 10 seconds
    50 pushups 52 seconds
    shuttle 8.3 seconds
    situps 95
    mile run 5:54

    I had my interviews with the field for rep, scheduled for congressman and senators.

    The problem is I am taking the ACTs in december which means (from an Asian household) I won't be able to take my CFA until later. Hopefully my parents will change their minds and let me train, but will it be too late? To receive an LOA, I am worried they will discard my application without me submitting my CFA scores. I know I have the physical, leadership, motivation, and faith but academics are right at the edge. USMAPS?

    To sum it up (sorry so long): If I take the CFA after my ACTs will it hurt my chances?

    I am willing to do anything to get into this school, which is why I have pushed my ACT test date so far back so I can receive the highest score i possibly can to get into West Point. i can use all the help and tips I can get.

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    If you can hit the maximums now, why not take it now? Your PE teacher at school can administer the CFA.

    As far as I know, once you hit the maximums, the test is terminated. They told us to stop after we hit the maximum numbers at SLS and NASS (for pushups, situps, and pullups).
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    Lots of questions/issues here. It looks like you're interested in USMA and, honestly, I can't speak as to their approach. However, I would guess it's generally consistent with USNA's approach, which is what I can comment on.

    Not really. USNA uses a Whole Person Multiple. Doing extremely well on the CFA helps your WPM but won't overcome poor grades.

    There is no reason you can't take your CFA now, if you think you'll do well. There is no reason you can't train for your CFA and study for your ACTs; at USMA (or any SA), you'll need to balance academics and athletics, so now is a good time to get started.

    For USNA, you have until March 1 to submit your CFA. You can receive an LOA without having taken the CFA, but it is increasingly rare to see this happen. I wouldn't worry about an LOA; focus on making yourself as strong a candidate as possible for an appointment.

    Finally, for most candidates, the CFA is one element of athletics. You can also help yourself by being active in sports -- in school or out of school, varsity or whatever other level. Sports are very important at SAs, so the more you show an interest in and aptitude for sports/athletics, the better off you'll be.
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    Contact your admissions person and say you would be interested in going to USMAPS if you don't get admitted right away. They mark something on your file.
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    For USNA you would mention to your BGO that you are interested in the Foundation Program and/or NAPS. They will mention this in their interview notes which are submitted to the Admissions Board.

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