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I was reading the video requirements part of the CFA instructions that USMA posted on the portal and had a quick question about the wording. It says "During the course of the record CFA administration, candidates will be required to have a video made of the push-up and pull-up/flexed arm hang events. These videos will need to be made as the events occur in the record CFA."

Does this mean that the video must be taken during my CFA, or can I record the video at a later date? I would like my parents to take the video, but they aren't available the day that I take the CFA...



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You must record the CFA event that you are submitting. If your parents are not available, you can bring a friend to hold the phone to record the video. Or the grader can hold the phone to record while counting although that is a burden for him or her.
To submit videos that were recorded at a later date would be cheating--and you don't want to start out that way.