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    So I know this seems to be the biggest question here.
    My question is should I Wait to take my CFA, I really want to go for the early action
    1. I believe the rest of my app is up to par
    2. I need to know at that deadline so if I'm not accepted I can redeem other admission offers from other colleges( USAFA is my #1 choice and dream)

    So I am a girl first off
    Shuttle run: max
    Pull ups: 3-6
    Basketball throw: max
    Push-ups: max
    Mile: 8-9 minute range each time I take it :frown:

    I know my mile is horrible I'm starting to regret the years spent weight lifting instead of doing cardio.
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    Those are great scores, especially if you get that mile closer to the 8 minute mark than 9, but it is up to you. If you don't care about the early action and think the extra time will really help your running speed, then wait, but if hearing a couple months earlier is important to you, then I would say you are solid. Those are MUCH better scores than I had.

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