CGA Homecoming 2016

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    Well, I got home yesterday from a great homecoming weekend in New London.

    The weather was rough, but worked out well. I walked around and talk to my classmates who are now faculty and staff at CGA. We had a good turnout for the weekend festivities.

    I even met another SAF member.

    I think the only thing I didn't like was the tour of Chase Hall. In the past they just opened up the barracks and alumni would walk around and check out rooms and say hi. This year a cadet took us down Reg. Row and Presidents' Pway. Both areas were familiar to any alumni. Unfortunately we weren't able to see the new annex.

    It was comical to see a 3/c cadet yelling at alumni who stepped out into the Old Quad. If I had it to do over again I might lightly reminder her that the folks she's yelling at "You can't go out there. You need to come back in." are active duty officers (in the case of the folks I saw her yell at, captains... O-6s) and might warrant a slightly different tone. But correcting people in uniform is no longer my place.

    On top of such a great weekend, Coast Guard came out on top over Maine Maritime 36-30.
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