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    Has anyone gotten a mmi packing list if so can you please share with. Me !
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    1. Running Shoes / 1
    2. Backpack or laptop bag (black only - preferred) / 1
    3. Bath towels and washcloths (solid white) / 4-6
    4. Coat hangers (wire or plastic, all same color) / 15
    5. Desk lamp (small, optional) / 1
    6. Eye glasses or contacts if worn / 2
    7. Hanging Garment Bag (approx. 4in deep) / 1
    8. House slippers (optional) / 1
    9. Iron/ironing board / 1
    10. Laundry supplies (quarters, laundry soap, fabric softener, starch, and stain remover)
    11. Pillow / 1
    12. Rubber shower slippers/flip-flops / 1
    13. Sleepwear (may wear issued PT shorts and tshirts), (optional)
    14. Socks, black, crew length (dress socks) / 10-12 pairs
    15. Socks, white, athletic, crew length (without stripes or logos) / 10-12 pairs
    16. Swimsuit - female, one piece only / 1
    17. Toilet articles (shampoo, shaving kit, deodorant, toothbrush, etc.)
    18. Undergarments / 10-12 pairs
    19. Undershirts (white crew neck) / 10-12

    This was the packing list that MMI sent me via mail. Now, I also compiled my own list from previous threads that I thought may be helpful.
    1. Moleskin pieces (pre-cut)
    2. Different size bandages (waterproof)
    3. Lotion
    4. Chapstick
    5. Printer (unless roommate has one)
    6. Hand sanitizer
    7. Command hooks (not sure if these are allowed)
    8. Lint roller
    9. Shower caddy
    10. Water bottle
    11. Nail clipper
    12. Basic school supplies (notebooks, calculator, pencils, etc.)
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    When DS went, there was a new Family Dollar General store just off campus. Some of these items were available there. The Coasties get there a bit before the other students, so the possibility of getting stuff before it disappears is there, but I would get it ahead. We shipped most of the stuff directly to MMI. I don't see computer listed here. We got an engineering level laptop just in case it was needed for a Plan B school. He got his appointment, was issued his CGA laptop, and we got the engineering level laptop back (which we use everyday). By the time he graduated he had worn out his CGA laptop as well.