CGAS Wait List

Isn't it up to the middle of June that one can be called? Like someone on the wait list declines?
Admissions told me they will be pulling more candidates off the CGAS wait list and expect to do so through the first week of June.

Anything is possible though, but more unlikely as days go by.
DS was contacted with an offer so it looks like they're making calls. DS accepted a spot from another SA prep last month due to the May 1 deadline. He's pretty torn and I don't know what he'll do. He's very stunned yet grateful for the opportunities. For those waiting it looks like activity is happening.
Have you heard anything from CGAS?
Not yet but we did get an email to complete DODMERB exams. DS finished is exams yesterday. Everything looks good so just waiting on an appointment. Someone had mentioned it’s very likely appointment offers won’t come in until after May1st and can continue up until May 31st.
I haven’t heard anything from the CGAS side! Anyone else have any information/insight into the waitlist status?