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    Hi everyone,
    disclaimer: not gonna lie I'm pretty much just seeking reassurance right now so please don't judge me...
    I applied last year but was medically dq for a recent injury. I already passed DODMERB for this year though so that's good and won't be a problem anymore. After that happened I enrolled in a regular college (after crying a little...), so I am currently a college student at a school with 10% acceptance rate. because of the medical thing I couldn't get an rotc scholarship but I'm still doing AROTC without one. I'm taking English, calc, chem, history, and a fun mythology elective. I think I'll be able to do well in those classes. I applied for a couple leadership positions in clubs here so hopefully I'll get those, and I also signed up for a club sport.
    in high school, I had a 4.0, 35 ACT, lots of APs, etc. I was president of a club, National honor society, gold award girl scout, and was employee of the year at my part time job. for athletics, my school didn't have a lot of varsity sports so I don't have a varsity letter but I did athletics with a private club outside of my school. I was nationally ranked and got a national title, as well as several regional and state awards throughout high school. I received several academic awards as well.
    My usma application is almost complete besides the college transcripts and professor SOEs (which are stupid btw).
    my Cfa scores (I'm a girl):
    - 50 ft bb throw
    - 8.63 shuttle
    - 7 pull ups
    - 50 push ups
    - 95 sit ups
    - 7:06 mi
    lucky for me my sport is gymnastics so I learned to do pull ups when I was 5 which is super helpful.
    lastly a couple people in my family went to wp including my dad.

    I'm so sorry for how long this is. don't respond if you don't want to, it made me feel better just to type it out because I really want that appointment. best of luck to everyone and thanks for reading all of this.
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    @23hopeful, good for you for trying again. As you know, the SAs value persistence, tenacity and commitment. As a reapplicant and veteran of the process, you also surely know that no one here can “chance you.” We can’t see your entire package or those of your fellow applicants. (I say that less for you, and more for the lurkers thinking about writing a “chance me” post.)

    That said, you’ve got some key things going for you. You seem to be taking a plebe-like schedule, i.e. calculus, chemistry, English, history. You’re working to get involved. You’re in AROTC. Your CFA numbers are very good. So make sure those 1st semester grades are strong and get those nominations secured.

    And apply for an AROTC scholarship! If USMA works out, great. If not, you could have tuition (and maybe more) paid for at your current college. Best wishes to you.
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    23hopeful. I admire your tenacity. And impressed by your CFA. You certainly had a strong high school career in many areas. I know gymnasts are very good with pull ups because in my youth I practiced gymnastics with boys and girls training together. And girls were often better than boys in pull ups. I’m glad you passed your DODMERB. You now have 4+1 Nom possibilities including one from your ROTC. I don’t think SAs care so much where you went to college so long as you are at a competitive 4 year college and taken similar Freshman year classes as SA Plebes. If your grades are As and Bs with more As I would say your chance is strong. Still your very strong ACT will weigh the most significantly and strong college grades can only help. You will get extra college attendance bonus added to your WCS that high school Seniors will not get. APs are not counted as college attendance but viewed as taken a strong curriculum.

    I don’t speak for WP Admissions but based on what I see I’d say your chance is strong. Of course this is only my opinion. So take it on a face value. I will be championing for you! And yes like MidCakepa said apply for the 3 year ROTC Scholarship. I’m pretty confident you will be a winner! I would also apply to USNA. You never know. Navy also offers wider community to choose your career.
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    @23hopeful. Your schedule looks good and you are active. The most important thing you can do now is perform. You do not have to pull a 4.0 but a 3.5 would be good. Since you are enrolled in ROTC, you are eligible for a service connected nomination. Your PMS will have to complete the nomination information and this gives you another slate to compete on.

    Also, you do not apply for a 3 year scholarship, you earn it. The cadre in your unit would like to give everyone that is committed to the program a scholarship but they do not have the funding. You will be competing against other non-scholarship cadets so you need to have good grades, a good PT score and be active in the ROTC unit.

    I would suggest you wait a few more weeks before you talk to your cadre about re-applying. Make sure you are performing at a high level and showing that you have the potential to succeed. Most PMSs will support your decision to go to West Point. Keep in mind that admissions will not evaluate your application until they receive first semester college grades so you have a little bit of time.
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    Solid record...go get your nomination and chase your dream.
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