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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by isabellasmith7, Oct 5, 2012.

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    I need help! I am done with my application for the Naval ROTC scholarship. I want this more than anything else in the entire world. I always have.

    My main concern is my GPA. I have a cumulative 3.1. Which I know is low, for them. My junior year really killed it. But I had my interview with my recruiting officer, which I think went very well, and he asked if anything in my past has hindered my chances. And I told him no. Then he explained they needed to know if anything truly has. So I told him last year my mom got diagnosed with cancer, my dad had open heart surgery, and my grandmother died. All last year. However, I followed up by saying that was no excuse and that my grades were my fault. (Taking responsibility for my actions).

    But my extra curriculars are amazing. I am vice president of JSA (which ive been in four years). I was on the regional board for JSA as well. Ive been editor of the paper for two years. Ive won a national and state award for journalism. I ran track and did basketball. I also scored a 27 composite on my ACT with a 30 on math. He translated that into mid 600's for my SAT that I take tomorrow. My officer said my rec letters were great and my essays were good. AGAIN, my main concern is that my gpa wont get me in. But I told him I have straight A's right now, so that might help.

    I mean, Im a girl, and my family has been in the navy, which I hope helps. Is there any way Ill get it? Any advice??
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    No one here can give you a definite answer. However, if its the grades you're concerned about and they took a hit last year, I'm sure they'll take your family situation into account. You certainly sound responsible, but even responsible, successful, productive people suffer impacts when encountering the life events you encountered last year. I expect this was the reason you were pressed on this a second time on the interview, as the recruiting officer knew "better" when he saw the impact and inconsistency on your grades last year. He obviously is interested in you as a candidate or he wouldn't have asked the second time. (To be honest I would have communicated that in your essay - FYI for next time you're in similar circumstances... or if you haven't completed the essay yet)

    That being said, your application has to go before a review board and the competition is intense, but I would guess that the hit on your GPA last year, given that you have straight A grades at this point, will be a non-issue.

    My son is in NROTC Marine option (non-scholarship) as you can tell from my tag line. He is doing his second stint as a squad leader in his sophomore year. In a phone conversation with him this week he mentioned he was about to send a disparaging email to a freshman in his squad who hadn't returned his phone calls. Just before he did, the squad member called him and apologized for not getting back to him sooner as he was with his elderly grandmother celebrating her birthday. I asked my son if he read him the riot act. My son said, "No! Duty, Honor, Country Dad.... but family first!". I have no doubt that is how your application will be considered.
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    Isabella, what were your grades freshman and sophomore year in high school? Any AP courses sophomore year?

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