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    Hey guys, I could really do with some insight as to where I stand. I have been looking in the service academy scene for the past 2 years. A friend of mine was appointed to KP and ever since visiting, I fell in love with the school and all it has to offer. I started my admissions process last spring and have been in contact with a coach about recruitment. Due to my stand. Test scores, I have been pushed forward to being a possible prep candidate. I wanted to see how likely it is. Here is a general run over:

    3.9 GPA
    8 AP classes total throughout high school
    3 sports per year ( cross country, swimming, and track) , captain of 2 out of 3 (track and cross country) for 2 years.
    Involved in clubs and community service
    My act score is 26 English and 23 math
    My sat is 610 English and 540 math
    I have 3 nominations.

    I'm sorry to bother you all but I've been waiting anxiously. In addition, when will should I hear about Prep School? Thank you all so much!
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    My DS is a sponsored prep at NMMI currently. From my experience looking at your scores its your Math that is pointing you in the direction of prep school.His Admin Officer mention it to him about this time a year ago... and he said yes he would consider it. We didnt here until 05/08 the same week he was offered prep school from Coast Guard. Now with that all said a few things...... NMMI was the best thing to happen to him. He is smarter.. faster.. bigger...and so ready to hit KP on july 5th. He will be playing football for USMMA. He can march, cut his corners, and make a bed like a pro now. I have heard that when offered a prep its considered a golden ticket. It is. Good Luck.
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    My DS didn't find out until mid-April. He ended up being a sponsored prep at MMI (Alabama). Going to MMI, first, was a made his plebe year a lot easier. Hang in there. I know the next couple of months will be painful, but it will be worth it. Good luck.
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    My DS had very similar numbers, three sport athlete, many clubs and volunteer time but was flat rejected from USCGA and no offer of prep school. He decided to self prep at MMI in the SAP program. He took SAT two more times and raised his scores to 610 R and 600M. He applied to KP and CGA and was waitlisted 4/1/18 and ultimately rejected by both towards the middle or end of May. He decided to self prep for a second year and raised his SAT to 650r 650m and has applied to WP,KP and CGA. He has nominations for KP and WP and is waiting to hear. He has been offered a CGA appointment. MMI is very reasonable financially and will work hard on your weaknesses to get you your appointment if you are willing to work hard.
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    your math test score will make you academically ineligable which is where prep may come in
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    DS is currently a sponsored prep at NMMI. USMMA is great because they do have a minimum test score on their website. Currently it is 23 English/24 Math. DS was first asked by the admissions office about prep school this time last year and he said he would definitely take a spot. It wasn't finalized until after he was put on the waitlist for USCGA and had already accepted an ROTC scholarship. USMMA was his first choice so he jumped at the offer to attend NMMI. It has been a good year for him. He is older, smarter and has his military bearings in place. He took the ACT/SAT during the summer and raised his scores to where the admissions staff told him he needed to be so he started his year at NMMI already knowing he had met that threshold.

    If prep school isn't being discussed you might ask your admissions officer about it. Also, I think the prep program at NMMI has been exceptional for the KP students. They started the year with 15 sponsored USMMA prep students so moving on to KP in July this core group will make up about 5% of the incoming class. I know there are other options if you would think about self prep but I think having such a large group of preps is a definite benefit.
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