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    I know this gets asked a lot but I am trying to figure out my change to get accpeted into VMI. I am a Junior in High School from Michigan

    GPA:3.2 (I am taking 3 AP classes next year too boost it up)
    Class rank: 319/723

    Sports: N/A (Was thinking about doing track for my Senior year though)

    Outside of school:
    - I am a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol, I have be rewarded the Mitchell Award and was promoted to C/2nd LT
    I am in my squadrons search and rescue unit. As well used to be in color guard and have been to regional finals. I'm the a C/Tac officer of my squadron.

    - Will be volunteering for my local fire department my senior year as dual enrollment

    - I coordinated a fundraiser at my school for the local VFW

    My Awards:
    - Curry Achievement
    - Arnold Achievement
    - Mary Feik Achievement
    - Wright Brothers Achievement
    - Rickenbacker Achievement
    - Lindbergh Achievement
    - Doolittle Achievement
    - Goddard Achievement
    - Armstrong Achievement
    - Mitchell Award
    - Rescue Find Ribbon
    - Community Service Award
    - Encampment Ribbon
    - Cadet Special Activities Ribbon
    - Certificate of Recognition for Lifesaving
    All of the above are Civil Air Patrol Awards I could of left some of them out due to them being mostly promotions, but want to get the best possible estimate i can.

    I appreciate your assiasstance
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    Get that GPA up and PLAY SOME SPORTS! VMI has a saying: "Every cadet an athlete, and every athlete a cadet". Sports will definitely prepare you, not only for the physical challenges of VMI, but the teamwork required in the Ratline as well. Your ACT is great, and you obviously have some awesome Civil Air Patrol experience.

    Just stay focused the rest of this year and next, and I'll see you in Lexington.
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    +1 Strength and Honor

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