Chances... And also suggestions


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Jul 17, 2006
Current high school student rising junior,male, white.

UW GPA: 3.56
W GPA: 3.87

All honors, 1 AP, and also dual enrollment classes.

550 reading
580 writing
630 math

- 2 Varsity letters
- Eagle scout
- CAP sargeant
- Communtiy service
- Others

At this point everything looks good except your SAT's. I would take and retake; maybe take a prep course. Good luck.
I speak from some knowledge on what it takes for someone to get into an academy. I have a 2008 at USNA and a 2010 at USAFA. A good idea would be to try taking the ACT as well as the SAT and after finding out which one you feel more comfortable at and probably do better at, continue to take that test as many times as possible before the respective academy's cutoff date for submission of scores. Both my sons thought there better scores came with the ACT rather than the SAT. Be sure to take the writing test also.
Agree with usna/afa dad on the ACT. My son has taken both and prefers the ACT. He even had agreed to take the ACT again, but his ALO told him he didn't need to kill himself.

ACT is straight forward test, written by the people who do the Iowa tests. Test what they know, no trick questions. Last year ACT 1.2 million took the test and 1.5 million took the SAT.

Also apply to Summer Seminar my son went and loved it. He also has gone to a CV at CGA and said that he could easily see himself there too.
USAFA-USNA pop ... gotta ask ...

How'd you root this weekend past?

Guess either way, your team won! Mine too! :bounce1: :rockon:
:welcome1: USAFA/USNA Dad! Yeah, I'd be interested to know how you did that too. What did you do, flip a coin? LOL Thats a rare "win-win" situation you've got there. Congrats on having two academy kids!
Your E.C.s look very good. Try to boost your GPA just a little more and take the ACT.
What sports were your letters in? If you are pretty good (don't have to be great) at a sport that isn't as "mainstream" as football or basketball, you might contact the coach of that sport and talk to him about what he is looking for. Sometimes if you are borderline with the rest of the package, the sport can push you over...especially if a coach will put you on their "blue chip" list. Sports are what got my Cadet accepted.
Good luck!