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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by malin384, Jan 10, 2016.

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    Jan 10, 2016
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    Hello I'm just wondering if I can get some honest feedback for my chances at a 4 year scholarship to these school (in order): University of Washington, Oregon State, University of Portland, University of Oregon, University of Minnesota, Arizona State.


    3.5 GPA UW
    AP European History, AP US History, AP English Language, AP Physics C,
    Currently in AP US GOV, AP Economics, AP Calculus AB, AP Biology, AP Literature
    4 years soccer, 1 year varsity
    2 years track
    2 years student government
    NHS Member
    4 years key club (over 200 hours volunteered through it) 1 year historian elect
    4 years Marching and concert band (in top group) 3 years jazz band (trumpet) Brassline 2 years (only at school for two years) historian 1 year elect
    Boy Scout- Life rank and many leadership positions
    1910 SAT
    my PFT wasn't the best, I got a 6:02 mile and only 38 push ups and 35 sit ups (I was kind of sick)
    My essay was also extremely solid and read by a friend who will be attending Harvard next fall

    Will get varsity tennis but wont be able to put it on till spring
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    Good luck to you! The other variables are your interview and survey. I am new to this process and have no idea, with that being said, my DD interviewed at University of Portland and has similar stats as far as grades and ACT (3.57 and 26), similar activities, with a few more sports and higher PFA. She was told she was a strong candidate but at all schools she talked to (UP, Boise, Nevada and GCU) she was told her expectation should be for a three year scholarship. They were not saying she would get one, but we took that as she was unlikely to get a four year. Now she is nursing which has fewer spots awarded, however, the message was consistent, "you are a strong candidate for a three year". I hope that helps.

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