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    My daughter is going into her senior year of high school and is seriously considering going to Norwich University.
    However, the tuition is very expensive and she would definitely need to get a scholarship. She is applying for a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship, but I hear not many are given out and they are extremely competitive. Is it really difficult to obtain the scholarship and does she have a chance? She has good extracurriculars (NHS, soccer captain), unweighted GPA of 3.7, and decent SAT scores of 1310 (New SAT). Her 1 mile is about 7 minutes, 30 push ups in 1 minute, and 45 sit ups in 1 minute.
    Also, if you could consider her chances for an acceptance to Norwich, that would be great. Just wondering if she has a chance at getting the scholarship or if she'll have to attend a different college.
    Thanks for the help!
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    On this site there are a couple of posters who have great wisdom. One suggestion that stands out in my mind is to apply to schools that you can afford. If during the 4 years of college something happened and the scholarship was no longer available, will your daughter be willing to move to a school that you can afford? Things happen. Injuries, medical issues, grades, changing interests, etc.. Something to think about.
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    Our dau received a 4 year AROTC scholarship for nursing. You can use the search engine above to look at stats of others who won scholarships in the past so you can compare but perhaps your daughter can add some minor things. I know adding can be challenging at the beginning of senior year but she may be able to add volunteering, leadership in a club, part time job or mentoring a younger student.

    If your dau won a scholarship there is no guarantee Norwich would be one of the schools selected. She puts schools on her list, CC chooses who goes where based on that schools needs. There are avenues to pursue to switch the scholarship but that would depend on Norwich's needs. If you can visit Norwich and meet the ROO there that would be helpful. There has been some discussion on whether or not ROO's have any say in who goes to their school or is it the luck of the draw? I think, based on our experience, that the ROO did have some say in whether the scholarship matched up with school. We met the ROO at every school we visited.
    But I would also look at several schools and cast a wide net. Go to the schools and get a feel if there are other schools she might be interested in.

    Our dau also practiced her interview. The PMS asked her questions like: Why do you want to be an Army Officer? What makes a good officer? Why would you be a good officer? Most 18 year olds do not have a lot of experience interviewing with an adult, much less a PMS in uniform. Practicing answers for those questions was helpful.

    Finally best of luck to your daughter! This ride she is on is awesome!! I can not even explain how we feel, it's like winning the lottery! Our dau will be the 3rd generation who have served their country as an Army Officer. My cup of pride runnith over!

    Keep asking questions!!! Everyone here is wonderful!!
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