Chances for AFROTC


Mar 2, 2018
Hi all,

I was hoping for some insight for what my chances are for an AFROTC type 1 scholarship at the upcoming March board. I have a fairly unique academic profile and haven't been able to find another thread that really matches mine. Here are my stats:
ACT: 35
SAT: 1480
GPA: 3.4
physical assessment: 35 push-ups, 36 sit-ups, 8:58 1.5 mile time
classes: full IB student (8 IB classes completed at the end of junior year)
EC/athletics: founder and 3 year president of History Club, 10 years of club soccer

I know the type-1's are really tough to come by. Do I have any shot? What about for type-2 or type-7?
Thank you in advance
@chrisbefin First of all, congratulations on such a good academic profile! Your ACT score will definitely stand out. I know the Lt Col I interviewed with was impressed by my SAT score (1550). Actually, your academic/EC profile resembles mine. As for your physical score, I believe that counts for roughly 10% overall (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

In the end, I believe the main factors in getting a type 1 scholarship are 1) your intended majors and 2) your interview. It's extremely rare to get a type 1 scholarship for a major that the AFROTC doesn't deem as particularly wanted at the time. Also, everyone I know who has gotten a type 1 scholarship absolutely nailed their interview.
On my application I listed Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Meteorology as my major choices. In terms of my interview, I feel very confident about it, although my interviewer didn't give me any direct feedback. When I did my Army ROTC interview, the major said I was "One of the best candidates I have interviewed this year". But then again, Army standards are lower.
Well, you're definitely fine in terms of your major choices! :D

I would say you have a very good chance, but then again, nothing's guaranteed (considering how few type 1 scholarships are offered). All you can do is now cross your fingers and wait until March 14th :) Good luck! Let me know how it goes :)