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    I have read a bunch of chances posts but none are state specific. I'll just list my stats and any information will be helpful. Thanks!

    I'm a junior in high school in Maryland
    unweighted gpa: 3.88
    weighted gpa: 4.23

    class rank:7 out of 307
    ACT scores
    30 math
    30 english
    24 reading
    24 science
    20 writing

    1 year of varisty swimming varsity letter also
    2 years of JV soccer
    1 year of JV cross country
    2 years of club baseball

    eagle scout I have had these leadership postions in Scouts also: Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader
    I got accepted to Boy's state so I will be attending that this summer
    I'm a 2nd Lieutenant in my MCJROTC unit and the S-5 officer
    I have over 40 hours of community service
    I do youth group at my church
    part of the drill team
    head of my committee in the Varsity Captains Club at my school
    part of the national honors society

    I already know I need to bring up my ACT scores (which I'm working on) but is everything else at least somewhat competitive?
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    I have seen candidates in with your stats getting appointments from MD. Get in touch with your FFR (If you can't get in touch with your FFR, send me a PM).

    1. As you stated, take your ACT again. West Point super scores
    2. You should be allowed to move on to the second phase of the application or about September. Try to finish your application early as possible. Simply, finishing your application early helps.
    3. Hope that your Congressional district is not competitive. The competitiveness of any Congressional district changes year to year. So this year, in one Congressional district you would have been the vacancy year.
    4. Keep up your class rank, West Point pays more attention to class rank then GPA.
    5, Check your JROTC instructor to see if he or she can nominate you to West Point.

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