Chances now (No TWE or BFE)


Apr 22, 2018
Since it's April, are my chances increasing or decreasing? My FFR said that chances are decreasing because the class is being filled up. But at the same time, there is also less people in the running
You just have to wait. My plebe received the TWE and BFE in the same week. It was a confusing period for us but he is at the right place now. Best of Luck.
@rayrotc This is the period during which you remain in the pool of candidates who are MORE likely to receive a BFE than a TWE.
No one knows why you are still waiting or when or how you will hear something. You may not hear anything for 20 more days.
The final outcome/alignment for people requiring waivers is not for another nine may be the guy standing in line behind the guy waiting for a waiver--but no one knows that.
You have a great plan in place. Try to enjoy this month--your last April in high school--maybe there is prom? Also, if you live where things are blooming now--try to enjoy it--next year you will be somewhere else. Try to do something with your parents like going for a hike or even a walk around the block. Lean in on push ups, sit ups and the two mile run. Lean in on your AP or IB exams.
We cannot help make the wait shorter or give any clarity to what is going to be the outcome of this waiting.
It is worth noting that my first cadet heard in September (LOA) (October BFE) and my second cadet did not hear until the end of April. just have to stick it out.