Chances of Acceptance


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Dec 5, 2017
I plan to apply to USMA, but I am unsure of my chances. All replies are appreciated.

•Freshman year GPA: 3.8
•(Current) first semester of sophomore year GPA: 4.125
•sophomore classes: 2 AP classes
•likely schedule for junior year: 4 at an absolute minimum, but likely 6 AP classes
•starting defender on the varsity soccer team at a relatively large school (varsity MVP as a freshman, will be a captain my junior/senior year)
•club soccer for a well known club in PA; may be looking to get recruited next year by West Point
•planning on becoming an NHS member junior or senior year
•student government: class secretary (3rd in line)
•currently a leader in my school's Model UN program (regularly go to model UN/EU/AU conferences at the University of Pittsburgh)
•secretary of FBLA (will likely be VP or President of FBLA after those above me graduate)
•political club (early member and advocate)
•my uncle is an Air Force Academy graduate and graduated top 5 in his class there (not sure if I can or should get a recommendation from an uncle)
•can receive a recommendation from a family friend who is the VP at Volvo in multiple countries and knows me very well
•plan to study political science, international relations, or economics (most likely double major)
•character: principled, ambitious, tough, intelligent and critical thinker (not an average teenager)
•class rank: not sure but based on estimates, top 10% (I can double check on that)
•clean record
•good relationships with multiple teachers/school administrators
•father served in the military

I apologize for the length of the message, but I hope it gives you a good idea of who I am. I realize it may be hard to conclude my chances without test scores, but I would sincerely appreciate any knowledgeable ranges for test scores that you think I would need to get in. Again, I am only a sophomore (haven't received my score on the PSAT yet), but I will be taking the SAT/ACT next year. Also, I would really appreciate any input in how much getting recruited for the soccer team would help my chances of getting in. Please let me know if I am on the right track, and if there is anything specific I can add or change to help my chances of getting in. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
First - change your screen name (if caleb miller is your real name)-- you don't want your stats and posts out there in a public arena. Your stats look good as does your involvement. As you peruse this sight, you will learn that recommendations from corporate VP's and old grads from other academies don't count for much with admissions. Your grades are good, AP's are good. Practice for your Junior year PSAT to improve your chances of selection to summer seminar, but don't fret if you are not selected. Look into American Legion Boys State (apply in Junior year to attend the summer between junior/senior year). Good luck.
You seem to be on the right track. Your GPA means little as the academy uses your class rank and school profile along with your test scores to establish an academic rating.

The academy does not really use letters of recommendations. They require a specific evaluation from certain teachers.