Chances of Admission/nomination for USMA class of 2013

usma 2013 hopeful

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Aug 13, 2008
I was just looking for some comments on my chances for the class of 2013 for USMA.

GPA: 4.0 (95)
Rank: 8 of 230
-Varsity volleyball-3yr-2007 season most dedicated-2008 cpt.
-Varisty softball-2yrs
-Varsity cheerleading-1yr
-Varsity indoor track-1 yr
-Student Council-l yr VP, 1yr treasurer
-class officers-1yr treasurer
-BEPT-2 yrs
-sadd- 2yrs
-National Honor society
-Varsity club-4 yrs- Vice President
-Rotary Interact
-Volunteer at local hospital-2yrs
-Volunteer for Recreation Dept-4 yrs
-VOlunteer at elementary school-4 yr
- 2008 orange county youth summer leadership academy at port jervis
worked summer job and now work at a deli
-2005- presidents volunteer award
-2005- prudential community award
-2008 attented SLS

:smile: or :unhappy:
I vote :shake: However, it's not like a typical college....those of us out here in cyberland who have walked this path w/ our own kids know nothing of your physical fitness as it relates to the CFA or your medical history. I say go for it and see where you land!
IMHO - If you can pass DODMERB and get a nomination (BIG "ifs") - slam dunk. :thumb:
You attended SLS - that is terrific!
Luigi could be on the mark here -

You appear to have the profile of the student/leader/athlete that West Point is looking for.
Did you take your SAT's? How did you do?
Did you pass the CFA at SLS? How do you feel about SLS? Did you have fun? Enjoy it? Did you have an interview while you were there?

When you complete your nomination application - put your attendance at SLS at the top - where it won't be missed. Bring it up in your interviews.

Go for your nominations and good luck on your DoDMERB exam.

No guarantees from this forum but if I had to vote it would be a :smile:

My sat scores definitely need to improve I scored a mere 1690:unhappy:. I will retake them in NOV.

As far as my dodmerb goes I am currently trying to get a waiver for one thing. I heard that it's pretty common to have endure this critical process.

My CFA the first time was descent given that I had sustained a pretty good wack in the face with a softball bat two weeks before sls preventing me of preparing for the event.

the only two things that I needed to improve from that were my mile run and I have definelty fixed that up and the pull up which still remains weak despite my efforts.:thumbdown:
What was the breakout of your SAT? Math, Critical Reading? Don't wait until Nov unless you plan on taking them in Dec as well. Have you only taking them one time?

What are you taking for classes your senior year?

Keep working on the CFA - if you have trouble with pullups then install a pull up bar in a door jam.
Uhh math 600 verbal 560 and writing 530..all pretty low
college calculus Anatomy and Physiology
college spanish Government and Economics
college english Health and PE
AP U.S history undedcided elective because my school dropped JROTC

I just bought one of the bars, I hope it helps
:eek: Your SAT scores must improve.

1160 SAT might not even qualify for a nomination from your MOC.

(Our MOCs used 1200 last year as a minimum for nomination consideration.)

Take it again, and again, until you are satisfied you can do no better or you run out of time.
re SAT scores

Go to and then look at, on the front page, on the right, the posted profiles for the most recent classes. 2012 may not be posted yet, but 2011 certainly will be. In the profile you will find the percentages of admittees whose test scores fell into various ranges. I believe you may be surprised. Obviously, those with more average SAT/ACT scores won't be in the top academic tier of their respective classes. Remember, admission is based on what is termed the Whole Candidate Score. 60% is based on transcript and test scores, 40% is based on demonstrated leadership potential (participation and offices held in extracurricular and athletic activities) and the last 10% is based on your CFA score.

Excellent SAT/ACT scores are always most helpful, but you do not have to be a brainiac to get in, just demonstrate that you can handle a full and strenuous academic load along with all the other demands of cadet life (mandatory military and phys ed/athletic participation).

As always, to obtain a top congressional appointment, the best academic scores are a big boost. However, Admissions selects most appointees from the list of nominees from various sources. So, just worry about getting a nomination, that's what gets you on the list. After that it is the Whole Candidate Score that matters.