Chances of Army Rotc Scholarship?

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    May 30, 2017
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    Varsity Tennis
    JV Football
    Student Government Rep.
    Secretary of National Science Honor Society
    President of Student to Student
    Varsity Speech and Debate team
    Over 300 community service hours
    3 years NJROTC
    Battalion Admin Officer
    Academic Team Commander
    Leadership Academy graduate
    Boy's State (attending this summer; running for Governor)
    Ocean Bowl team captain
    NJROTC Brain brawl Team Captain
    3.9 GPA (should be 4.1 after final grades are submitted)
    28 ACT (retaking it in august)
    My dream school is UF or Tulane, however I am worried that my act score doesn't warrant a scholarship.. I'm applying to all 3 branch's ROTC but Army is my preference. How do you think my chances are to get a scholarship?
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    Your SAT could be in range. Remember it's the whole person that's evaluated. Also remember it's a competition so keep working on that SAT score. Make sure you can knock the physical fitness test out of the park. That one is totally under your control. Good luck!
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    +1 Kinnem, as he says it is the whole person score. My daughter received a 3 year advanced designee scholarship with a 26 ACT and a 3.57 GPA. Yes it is a factor, but only one piece, other applicants had higher than you on ACT and did not receive one. Army superscores so submit the 28 and when you retake it if some sections are individually higher it will improve your score on your application. Definitely apply. All three branches are competitive, in my opinion you hear lower stats sometimes with Army because they award a higher volume of scholarships therefore they go deeper into the pool of applicants. The other thing to remember is that the Army gives a high volume of 3 year, many more than 4 year. Good luck and keep us posted. Also If you have not visited ROTC at UF or Tulane I would get that scheduled and make sure to have an appointment with the ROO. If by chance you do not receive one the school might offer you a campus based scholarship.
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    Nov 18, 2015
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    For NROTC average ACT is around 31. Captain on one or both of your varsity teams will also help. I hear Tulane has a great NROTC battalion.