Chances of AROTC Scholarship?


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Mar 12, 2018
I've been interested in AROTC for a while. I am currently a sophomore in high school. My mom went to West Point and my dad went the AROTC route and recently retired as a colonel in the Army.

GPA 3.3-3.4
Honors courses
Varsity soccer, hockey, and lacrosse and probably going to be the captain of the hockey team my senior year
Have not taken ACT yet
Took PACT and scored 1190
Volunteer soccer coach
Lifeguard summer job
Currently not enrolled in any clubs but plan to do so next year
Also on an upward trend with academics
Going to tell you what I tell all posters that ask what their chances are...if you apply you have a chance. Your resume looks very similar to every other applicant with a chance. Keep getting good grades, stay physically fit, and seek leadership opportunities and you’ll be competitive. And take a look at Clarkson University...need more hockey playing Cadets for the Army ROTC team.
I got accepted for a 4 year AROTC scholarship this year with 3.4 GPA (full AP classes) and 35 on the ACT. You have already got far more extracurriculars than I did and you are still only a sophomore. If you can push the grades up some more, have a solid showing on the SAT/ACT and get into some leadership roles in sports/clubs I think you'll be in great shape to be very competitive for a scholarship a couple years down the line.