Chances of being accepted into the CGA?

Discussion in 'Coast Guard Academy - USCGA' started by karatega, Mar 17, 2012.

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    Mar 17, 2012
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    Currently a Junior and just like to see where you guys think I am right now in my quest of being accepted into the academy. It's definitely what I want and been planning to become an officer since elementary.

    -3.89 GPA UW (out of 4 scale)
    -4.3 GPA W
    -2000 SAT score (out of 2400 scale)
    -Took/taking all AP/honors courses (AP classes: AP Euro History, AP US history, AP English, AP Calculus)
    -Passed my AP Euro test (only sophomore AP class available, trying to pass AP tests this year)
    -2 years AFJROTC

    -Two seasons of wrestling (one JV, one varsity)
    --two seasons freestyle wrestling (5 offseason wrestling tournaments every weekend in a row)(not school affiliated though)
    -varsity wrestling head team captain
    -competed in two powerlifting meets (non-school affiliated)
    -100 hours community service (Red Cross stuff)

    Gonna try and increase community service hours to 150, maybe even 200. Going for early action deadline so that's all for sports. Would like to get in another varsity wrestling season, but that's after the EA deadline. So how am I looking?
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    Looking good! Keep it up, stay out of trouble, and see if you can become more of a leader in an EC (Red Cross...if your school has a club, maybe you can run for President, etc). When DD was applying to a tippy-top school (HYPS caliber) she was advised to take the SAT until she hit the "magic" number of 2100. Now, I truly believe that there is no set "magic" number, but it sure couldn't hurt to shoot for a higher score, given the big increase in SAT scores of appointed candidates...good luck! :thumb:
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    Looks really great. I'd just say try and make your application stand out from the pack. They always get a bunch of 2000+ SATs/Varsity players/community service from my understanding. I'd recommend looking into something that makes you unique. Look into Boys/Girls State. Community service is great, but what kind of work is it specifically in the red cross? Reagardless looking great :thumb: AIM for lots of leader stuff (pun intended)

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