Chances of being accepted into USMAPS


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Dec 2, 2017
Hello community,

I am a 16 year-old female in my junior year at a highly competitive and challenging high school in the 5th district of Connecticut. Currently I have many questions regarding USMAPS and other prep programs like Greystone or Northwestern Prep. Just to be completely reasonable with the questions I want to ask, I have taken fairly rigorous courses but have gotten poor grades in a few of them. Here is a look at my Service Academy summer seminar application overview:

GPA: 3.345
PSAT Math Score: 520
PSAT English Score: 550

Academics (Course and Grade Taken/ Grade/ Honors or AP):
- Spanish 9/ A/ Honors, Spanish 10/ A/ Honors, Spanish 11/ A/ Pre-AP
- English 9/ B+/ Honors, English 10/ C+/ Honors, English 11/ A/ Honors
- Biology 9/ C+/ Honors, Chemistry 10/ C+/ Honors, Physics 11/ B+
- Algebra II 9/ B+, Geometry 10/ B+, Pre-calculus 11 / C+
- AP Capstone I/ A/ AP
- World History I/ B+/ Honors, World History II/ B+/ Honors, AP U.S. History / C / AP
- Sculpture/ B+, Drawing and Painting I/ A+, Drawing and Painting II/ A+

Civic Involvements:
- Waterbury Hospital Volunteer (3 years)
- Student Government / Student Body Vice President (2 years)
- Founder and President of Pomperaug Patriots and Military Club (Fundraises money for military foundations)
- Robotics Club Fundraising Team Captain
- Peer Ministry
- Community Service Coordinator for Student Council
- Link Crew
- Interact Club
- Waterbury Country Club Summer Camp Volunteer - Skill Developed: Responsibility of watching over and serving food to kids.

Leadership Positions:
- Student Body Vice President
- President of the Pomperaug Patriots and Military Club
- Student Council Community Service Officer
- Robotics Club Fundraising Team Captain

Athletic Achievements:
- Junior Varsity Softball (Freshman and Sophomore year)
- Varsity Softball (Junior and Senior Year)
- CT Combat Muay Thai Team (2nd Place in Jr. Atomweight District Tournament)

I believe that I am fully capable of performing at or even close to the maximum scores on the Candidate Fitness Assessment from previous evaluations. Unfortunately, I do not believe that I am academically qualified even if I maintain very good grades in my senior year. My question is, am I a strong competitor for USMAPS based off any previous knowledge of scores or other information? Also, is the acceptance rate of USMAPS very high if not offered admission to the academy? How can one be granted admission to the Prep School and should I choose to go to an alternative such as Greystone Prep or Northwestern Prep?

Thank you!
First things first. You do not apply directly to USMAPS. West Point offers candidates who are strong in most areas, but may need help in academics slots at USMAPS, so you apply to West Point and they MAY offer a USMAPS appointment instead. USMAPS targets three types of potential cadet-candidates, recruited athletes, enlisted army soldiers, and under represented minorities. Until you take your SAT/ACT, it is hard to evaluate you current position, although you leadership and athletic record looks good. As I monitor this board I have realized something. People who are successful tend to stick around and tell their story, however those who are unsuccessful tend to disappear. Therefore it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of self-prepping at Greystone, Northwestern Prep, or Marion Military Institute. The internet provides plenty of information on each of these self-prepping options at their websites, however all can tend to be evasive on the effectiveness of the self prepping option. These schools have students who are on service academy alumni scholarship and they are almost guaranteed admission, so they often mix their statistics to show a higher admittance rate. My advice is to keep working hard, apply next year, and see what happens. If you are not accepted, then review your weaknesses and develop a plan to improve your file for the next year.
USMAPS targets three types of potential cadet-candidates, recruited athletes, enlisted army soldiers, and under represented minoritie
I do not agree with this statement, there are certainly opportunities for candidates who do not fall into one of these three categories. My DD attended USMAPS and is now a cadet at USMA and she did not fall into any of these groups. On her USMAPS R Day there were 240 Cadet Candidates, 111 Recruited Athletes, 40 prior service, and 25 Females ( about half of the females also fell into one of the two prior categories of recruited athlete or prior service). Leaving many males who were neither recruited athletes or prior service.