Chances of Type 7 AFROTC Scholarship?

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    So i have recently sent in my application and an AROTC scholarship, and I've been stressing out about my chances. I'm applying to 3 in state schools. I plan on Majoring in Public Affairs, or Public Policy, which I know are non-technical degrees.

    GPA:3.776 (Class rank 10/126)
    My school offers no AP classes until senior year, and its only 1 class. They also only offer one class at an Honors level at junior year, and 3 senior year. I am taking all these classes both junior and Senior year. Also, I've been taking duel enrollment classes for 2 years and have 5 classes completed. So far Senior Year I have 1 AP, 2 Honors, 1 regular, and 3 Dual-Enrollment Classes w/ A's in all of them.
    ACT: 28 Composite( with well rounded sub scores)
    School Clubs:Class Officer(Treasurer), NHS, FCS, Prom Committee, Student Council(Committee Chairman), Science Club, and Concert and Jazz band(Section Leader).
    Outside School Clubs:4-H(Club president), Church Group Youth Leader, and Ohio Attorney General Teen Advisory Board(state level).
    Sports: 3 year Letterman Soccer( Captain/scholar athlete), 1 year Letterman in track, Marching Band 2 Years.
    1000+ Volunteer Hours
    Earned my Eagle Scout in 2013, but also served as Supreme Patrol Leader for 2 years in my Boy Scout Troop
    I also work 2 part time jobs, one year round and one in the Spring and Summer.
    PFT- 88.6

    How badly will the lower PFT score and Non-Tech major hurt my chances?
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