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Feb 21, 2009
Hey I'm just wondering on my chances on making it to USMA. I really don't consider my GPA all that strong, 3.16. I play football and run track and i am also involved A LOT in church youth group. Also, my family has one of the highest number of graduates in the history of the academy. I don't consider myself a strong candidate at all, but I want to go here so bad and I am wondering what i need to work on in order to make myself much more competitive.
Your credentials look a lot like mine. except my gpa is better and no one in my family has gone to usma. but i got nominated and recieved my appointment letter recently. of the things you mentioned, concentrate on improving your gpa, and possibly do some school clubs and community service.
What is your leadership? Are you captain of your team? Are you in scouting? I know several at West Point w/ similar GPA to yours, but they are Eagle Scouts, class presidents, and team captains. What have you done, or what are you planning to do?
i lead my youth group in church and i am looking at other leadership possibilities around school as well
do you have the SAT scores to make up for that GPA?

i had a similar gpa but had above the mean SATs.

They seem to want to hear the big three: Academics, sports, leadership/service. Make sure you find something big in each category and send extra examples of them to your regional admissions guy
yeah, got LOA in october, nomination in january, appointment february
LOA and appointment despite hard gpa

gpa- 3.2 unweighted 3.9 weighted

Notice the not very pretty gpa; for those in competitive schools, you know it's near impossible to get a 4.0 and a good class rank, so show them something else! Prove you are 'that smart' with the standardized tests.

sats- 720 math, 670 CR

Make sure you cover your other bases with something solid as well, like strong commitment to a sport, and a clear, no b.s leadership example.
Your regional commander is named in the applicant instructions on pg. 9. You can access this list via your candidate portal.
Is it imperative to contact him or is he simply the guy to go to with questions or concerns?
Personally, I think it would help your chances immensely to meet him so he can put a name to a face in front of the admissions board.

It really, really, helped me.
ask if they are having any more information meetings in your area. Or sign up for a visit and email your regional commander when you'll be there and ask to meet him.

If you make a good impression, it'll significantly benefit you when your file goes in front of a board.