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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Nichols, Jan 1, 2016.

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    Hello I'm PV2 Zachary Nichols I just graduated Army BCT and I fell in love with the military life; However the Army is not the perfect branch for me. I feel either the Navy or the Air Force would be a better fit for me. I also had the plan to go to college after AIT and go through the ROTC program, so i'm asking can I go through an ROTC program of a different branch while i'm still in the army.

    P.S. How does ROTC scholarships work for already enlisted soldiers and I also got a 94 on my ASVAB
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    Others may know more than me, but here is my advice.

    First check with the post/base education office for college education opportunities. As an active duty soldier, I'm not sure ROTC is available since it is geared toward high school seniors. You have opportunities for college education via tuition assistance and other programs for those on active duty.

    You can also apply to attend a Service Academy, but your CO will need to recommend you. The education office should be able to help you with the details.
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    Are you active duty?

    Have you completed AIT and shipped to your first unit?

    Request that someone edit your post to remove your name. Read up on PERSEC in your spare time.
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    You are not going to be able to be on an enlisted contract in one branch (Army) and be contracted in ROTC in a different branch.

    If you are a full time College student and you could enroll in AF or Navy ROTC, but you won't be able to contract until you are no longer under contact as an enlisted soldier.

    I'm curious how you know AF or Navy would be a better fit?
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    When my son was an Army Reservist, another soldier in his unit was an AF cadet. I'm not sure if she had an AFROTC scholarship or not. She was using her Army TA, but she was NOT an SMP cadet. She had to work out drill conflicts between the two parties. She did not get picked up for FT during Sophomore year. I believe she then pursued a GRFD through Army ROTC, but I do not know the outcome...
    The caveat is that this was through the Reserve component, not AD.

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