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Nov 28, 2008
When you log into chat, come in here and say so! That way people will come on in. Once you leave, don't forget to say you're out, otherwise people will be every so dissapointed when you don't show :D

(If you want, just log in and minimize it while you do other stuff, I've only been on once with other candidates and it was great fun.)
I used to be able to get into the flash chat, can't get into the new one now.
This may be too much, but maybe we could have a set time on a certain day of the week for chat? It could be a complete failure, but we would never know unless we tried!
I would be willing to commit some time to chat. What works best for you folks?
Let's just use this one...

Late night Sunday/Wednesday work best for me!
For those of you having problems getting onto the "new" chatroom...

I had the same problem. Taking Tac Nuke's advise, I temporarily disabled my computer's firewall and was able to get on with no problems.

Hope this is the answer for you as well (if you're willing to temporarily diable the firewalls)