Cheap Air Fares for Mids/Cadets/Students - sometimes.


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Jun 27, 2006
File this away - it may save you some bucks some time.

I have interviewed a dozen Mids or their parents in my state. Virtually none of them were aware of X-Fares program AirTran offers for all people (not just mids) aged 18-22. Basically if you are willing to fly standby, you can fly for $69 or $89 per flight segment.

Here is the link that contains all the details:

There are blackout dates that include all the holidays, but it is worth your while to check the restrictions closely, For example Thanksgiving day and the day after are not blacked out.

Basically, you show up at the airport no sooner than 2 hours prior to departure, present your govt. ID and asked to be placed on the Stand-by list.
Proceed to the gate. After everyone has boarded they will call your name if they have a seat for you.

If you live in Atlanta this is an especially good deal as Atlanta is a hub, so you only have to pay for one flight segment.

Stand-by travel is not good for returning to school because you are not guaranteed a seat and too much is at stake for you not to be where you are supposed to be. But AirTran's one-way fares are just half of their round trip fares, so go ahead and buy a regular ticket for the return.

One of the benefits of Stand-by travel is that you can travel at a moments notice very cheaply. This could be perfect for Mids that want to visit each other during summer break. Do you want to stay an extra day or come back a day early? No problem, the price will be the same - just show up. Stand-by travel has it's benefits but it also has it's downside - when you absolutely postively have to be somewhere do not use it. You have been warned.

Please note that if you are flying from DCA to DFW and the plane stops in ATL that is two flight segments. (DCA-ATL, ATL-DFW)

Oh because you cannot make a reservation, you will probably be singled out for extra security at the airport - so leave your M-16's at home.