Check on Entry


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Oct 16, 2007
I received my official waiver letter in the mail from the Air Force Academy. It said that I would be considered a check on entry. I have to be checked by their orthopedic surgeon and bring all of my medical records for my knee. Are these routine, or is there a legitimate chance that I could be sent home?
If the AFA is anything like the AF they are just be safe. They know exactly what BCT is going to be like and might be concerned that you will be a MT, but don't worry, it is out of your hands, instead jump for joy for getting in!
USAFA is the only academy that does a "Check on entry". They will have you evaluated by the physician to determine if you will stay healthy during the year. It is rare for USAFA to send an applicant home on I-Day, even if they are check on entry.