Chinese anti-ship missile (anti-carrier).

Discussion in 'Academy/Military News' started by sprog, Mar 31, 2010.

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    Scrolled down to read the comments - I dont know much about techy stuff like this of our military but I would agree with some posters that its just an elaborate bluff. Whether China truly posesses the technology is the question, but regardless I think its important we still react to this challenge seriously and try to find appropriate solutions to it. This only makes me believe more strongly that China is uninterested in finding a peaceful way to coexist as a regional power with the US, a superpower (I don't think they'll ever reach that status).
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    China could easily reach superpower status. Look at what the USSR did between 1918 and 1950! China is in an even better position to become a dominant world player. Will it happen? Who knows, but the potential certainly exists.

    Economically, China is a powerhouse.
    Militarily, they are focused on being a regional power. This certainly fits in with that concept. If these missiles are accurately deployed, they could certainly be a regional access denial weapon...or inflict some serious damage if it came to a shooting war.
    We will see if its capabilities are actually what they claim. It's hard to say from an early information release.

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