Christmas Dinner recommendations near Ft Bragg ?

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    Looking for thoughts on where to go for Christmas dinner. My son is at Ft Bragg and unit is on DRF and locked into a 50 mile , 2 hr recall limit, so wife, daughter and I are going to Ft Bragg for Christmas. A year ago we did this at Thanksgiving- and had no issues finding a decent restaurant in Fayetteville on Thanksgiving day- but I'm not having much luck for Christmas day.
    Anybody have an recent dining experiences? I guess we can go out as far as Southern Pines/ Pinehurst or Raleigh at the outside. Things were easier in the "olden days" when you could count on the O club for things like this, but these days that doesn't seem like much of an option. So any thoughts from those who have spent time in Ft Bragg in the last few years?
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