Christmas gift ideas for a plebe at!!

Discussion in 'Service Academy Parents' started by behrsmom, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. behrsmom

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    Aug 30, 2009
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    Any help for Christmas gift ideas for a plebe at USNA? Any help appreciated!:rolleyes:
  2. singaporemom

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    Jun 19, 2009
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    Here are the places at which my Plebe is eating in Annapolis:
    Chick and Ruths deli: +$5 shipping

    The Buddy's crab and ribs has a $10 charge!!!


    Moe's Grill +$1.95 shipping


    Other ideas on our list that we've distributed to the family:

    new PJs - keep at home or bring to Sponsor family's house
    Amazon gift card
    Target gift card
    Stainless Steel wallet
    gift card for new monitor
    fun t-shirts to wear during xmas break
    movie gift card
    Full series DVD of favorite TV show
    Upgraded his flight home to first class using miles!! :)
    remote control helicopter - the cheapy kind
    marshmallow shooter (idea from another poster) - actually have his gang of 8 all equipped with marshmallow shooters and camo shirts for fun in the trails on Christmas eve.
    new cleats
    vitamins, bleach pens, tide stick, lint brush
    hand held steamer
    US Navy flag
  3. PositiveThinking

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    Apr 15, 2009
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    These are some ideas taken from the USNA Parents Listserv (plebes aren't allowed some of the following, so check with your Mid):

    - Sleeping bag (Easy to roll up and put away so don’t mess up rack)
    - Nice pillow
    - Small crank flashlight
    - Hard soled slippers
    - Photo portfolio for desk
    - New cell phone
    - Blue Tooth (Can put cell on window sill for better reception in theory)
    - Hot Chocolate packages and marshmallows and mug
    - Gift card for movies and dinner
    - Digital camera (waterproof even better!)
    - Electronic photo album for bulletin board
    - Joke book
    - Cover bag
    - Wrist watch, dress or everyday
    - Sleep mask
    - Toiletries
    - Themed daily desk calendar
    - Oakley sunglasses
    - iTunes gift card (not sure when can use, may be up to each Company)
    - Second computer monitor
    - Computer speakers (For after Herndon – Plebe No More)
    - Head phones for computer (to block out noise)
    - Money on the Yard card
    - Gift certificates to establishments that delivery to the Yard
    - And of course, good old fashioned hard cold cash!
    - Chemical Hand/foot warmers


    - New electric shaver (saves time)
    - long johns
    - warm clothing (gloves, coat, etc. Only recently have O-Coats become issue. 2011 didn't have the opportunity for O-Coats)
    - money to support his trips to far off ports of call (Like NYC, San Diego,
    spring break trips, etc)
    - extra chargers for every portable electronic item he owns (camera, phone,
    iPod, etc), as these seem to go by the wayside quickly...
    - Noise cancelling headphones
    - Plush desk chair on wheels
    - all kinds of civilian clothing, jewelry (watch), shoes (he *rarely* wears
    his uniform off the Yard, and yes, his body size/shape has changed with
    being at USNA)
    - anything he wants for his varsity sport
    - funding sunglasses of his choice
    - gift cards to his favorite places at/near Annapolis: (obviously NOT a vegetarian...)
    - digital camera (we funded a portion. He bought bigger/better at Mid Store
    for less than he could get elsewhere)
    - video camera
    - smart phone & payment of it for a year
    - smart phone accessories
    - More of this: (always appreciated, and comes in a variety of seasonal
    - Tacit agreement to not post comments on his FB site (this is probably the
    biggest gift I can give him, in his view.)
    - Monthly cookie shipment
    ( )
    - I add a military book to his library for each gift
    occasion (see this site for possibilities: Also
    have some great artwork and other items. Love this site...)
    - Magazine or newspaper subscriptions (nothing racey... Would be unsat.)
    - Ours also has some personal collections that we try to support
    - Dinner out with family and/or his friends when he is home. He invites who he choses at the location of his choice: I fund.
    - Movie tickets
    - Tickets for a group to this site: (enough for a
    squad to go, at least)

    Youngster and up:
    (as a 2/C) new/snappy video card for his computer (to augment the
    new/improved large screen LCDHDTV he uses as a computer
    monitor, which we funded as his birthday gift. He could purchase and have
    the TV shipped for less than we could have purchased it for him. Worked better...)
    new iPod
    Socks. Low socks. He can never have enough low socks.

    2/C and up:
    computer game or two that he could play as a 2/C/Firstie
    auto club membership
    payment of auto insurance for a year
    (could fund parking for a year for a 2/C, I suppose... Ours didn't have a
    car on the Yard until this fall.)
    Allow him to fill up the gas tank 1/month on us & one of our gas cards

    Firstie and beyond:
    Small fridge for the room (as a Firstie)
    Room decorations (he *so* wanted a state flag, so as he arrived this fall,
    there was one waiting for him in his mail. Apparently he and his roommates
    have "decorated" their room with their state flags. Whatever works...)
    This fall, I purchased a year's membership to the Naval
    Institute/Proceedings. He finds it useful...especially as a Firstie. Don't
    know that he would have enjoyed it as much his earlier years.
    Unique sports tickets (a game to see the Red Sox play in Baltimore would be
    a HUGE hit with him... So, I give him a blank check to fund something like
    this when he can arrange it.)
    Tickets to Broadway (ours loves the theater...)

    This year (Firstie year) will bring a few more "practical" items, such as
    a cover bag
    (waiting NOT so patiently for the 2011 versions to come out...HINT HINT)
    a certificate to this site:,
    a dual frame for his diploma and commission,
    the order of his insignia box (once we know his service assignment),
    and probably something ($$ or certificates) toward more civvies.
    Also considering a gps unit for his car, as it didn't come with one
    I think he has his eye on one of those fine side chairs offered through the
    Alumni Association, as well. (have to leave a few items for commissioning
    gifts for relatives to buy! That one might wait for grandma/grandpa to
    purchase...) (It can also be found at: )
    A subscription to a magazine/periodical that is in his service community,
    once it's known. Am currently looking at these: (If it's
    Naval Aviation or NFO then, ) (or, if it's subs: )


    My mid asked for a folding suit bag for traveling with his uniforms/
    shoes. The bag issued to 2011 is a nylon cloth bag with a hole in the
    top for the hanger and a drawstring in the bottom. It does little to
    protect the uniform and is a pain to lug through an airport. I bought
    him a very nice bag that folds and has a shoulder strap and outside
    pockets for his dress shoes.


    My mid also requested youngster year a flat screen TV that fits between his
    desk top and the bottom of the bunk (uses as a computer monitor), a comfy
    office chair AND a wireless computer keyboard.
  4. behrsmom

    behrsmom 5-Year Member

    Aug 30, 2009
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    Thanks so much for the ideas! Now to get shopping!! :thumb:
  5. Suzie

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    Feb 1, 2010
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    When my son started driving I bought him a St. Christophers Medal (on chain) (patron saint of travel) and while I was online they had St. Christophers and St. Michael medals for the different services including navy.

    The site is called the Catholic Company and here is the link for military gifts

    Happy Shopping!!
  6. Luigi59

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  7. bergmom

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    Nov 11, 2010
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    My son will be a plebe this summer... I know he won't be able to have any items during the summer, but will he be able to have a Kindle or a Nook (which has internet access) after plebe summer is over? Don't want to get him something for Christmas that, after June 30th, he can't use until 2012+!!
  8. jennyp

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    Nov 3, 2008
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  9. jennyp

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    Nov 3, 2008
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    I am not 100% certain, but I think not. No media for plebes. However that depends on company. And of course you don't know that yet!

    My youngster wanted a kindle this year.........I think he would've asked last year if it had been an option.

    To be safe, I'd wait a year. They will probably have some new and improved version of both out next year.
  10. lovethenavy

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    Feb 12, 2010
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    We shipped some items like that to our son's sponsor family so that he can have them when he is at their home. Since he is lucky that they take him to and from the airport, he can collect them before he flies home and then deposit them back at their house when he arrives back in Annapolis.
  11. campaignin

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    Dec 18, 2010
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    I got to do the nascar gift certificate
  12. jbowman55

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    Oct 14, 2009
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    Kindle OK

    My plebe got a Kindle for Christmas and she said they treat it like a book (in 28 Company, which is supposed to be one of the tough ones).
  13. lovethenavy

    lovethenavy 5-Year Member

    Feb 12, 2010
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    My son also said that he would be allowed to have one, but didn't want one! :smile: Maybe I should have gotten it anyway and he could have left it at home for me to use! :thumb:
  14. popeyesmom

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    Gift certificate for your local shooting son loves it when he is home on a visit.
  15. MomoftheMagik

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    Feb 5, 2010
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    Sounds good, Popeyesmom! And I would extend that to anything they are interested in doing. Mine took a skydive while home over Christmas.

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