Christmas gifts


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Jul 17, 2009
Anybody have any ideas on what to buy a cadet for Christmas?
Some ideas to ponder (if they don't already have) - good, small digital camera, flat screen computer monitor for use with their laptop, printer, noise cancelling headphones, subwoofer, small digital picture frame, their State flag to hang outside their room, magazine subscription (magazine drive info on Parents' Assn page), VISA (etc.) gift card, purchase movie tickets or gift certificates to Dry Dock or other local establishments through the MWR office.
Anybody have any ideas on what to buy a cadet for Christmas?

Gift cards to stores in the area (Best Buy, Aerie, Target, Wal-Mart, American Eagle, etc. any of the number of stores in the mall).
Ruby Tuesday, Olive Garden, Chili's, Coldstone Creamery, Subway

Passport travel holder (LLBean has some very nice ones), fleece blanket, external hard drive.

For females, pearl earrings, gift card to the nail salon in the mall (great to use before formals), Slippers (check what the regs are now), black gloves, black purse, perfume, face care items, makeup, black sunglasses

Those aren't Cuban are they? I thought you coasties pulled in at GTMO a little more than required, they were on cigar runs right.:yllol::thumb::cool:
I sent you a PM in order to keep ours a secret!
Morale, Welfare and Recreation. Located across the hall from Dry Dock in Leamy.
Their number is available on the web site. You can phone and give them a credit card number for many of the purchases. They've mailed us tickets, etc. from time to time.
Great place for the cadets to look for hotels, theme park tickets, etc. for Spring Break :thumb: Those who work in MWR are very helpful.