Chuck Norris the only WMD in Iraq, say U.S. troops


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Jun 9, 2006
For all the Chuck Norris lovers out there. :wink:

FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) - Hollywood action star Chuck Norris, known for his martial arts prowess and tough-guy image, has become a cult figure among the U.S. military in Iraq and an unlikely hero for some in Iraq's security forces.
A small cardboard shrine is dedicated to Norris at a U.S. military helicopter hub in Baghdad, and comments lauding the manliness and virility of the actor have been left on toilet walls across Iraq and even in neighboring Kuwait, soldiers say.
"The fastest way to a man's heart is with Chuck Norris's fist," reads one message at the shrine, which consists of a signed photo of the actor surrounded by similar statements.
"Chuck Norris puts the laughter in manslaughter," reads one and "Chuck Norris divides by zero," reads another.
Known as Chuck Norris "facts," the claims have already become an Internet phenomenon, and scores are featured on, including "Superman wears Chuck Norris pyjamas," and "There are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Chuck Norris lives in Oklahoma." …
"Superman wears Chuck Norris pyjamas"

That's always been my favorite! :yllol:
in WWII they had Kilroy
now, they have Chuck Norris to leave behind :)
"Chuck Norris ordered a Big Mac at Burger King, and got one."

That one always cracks me up.