Citadel class of '19 to get their rings soon

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    Novelist Pat Conroy wrote in "The Lords or Discipline", "I wear the ring." He once said, I think it is the best line I have ever written and the best English sentence I am capable of writing.

    The Citadel Class of '19 gets their rings shortly after lunch this Friday. The class will form in Second Battalion and proceed to the field house for the ceremony with the class of '22 lining the streets cheering. After receiving their rings seniors then go to Summerall Chapel and knock on the door with their new Bands of Gold.

    A Citadel Cadet ring is a little different from other military rings. Since the early 1940's the ring has been standardized with 14 symbols and does not change from year to year save for the class numerals. In this manner the ring represents a Citadel Man as opposed to a member of a given class.

    Properly worn the numerals are first placed so they can be read by the wearer. The final act at graduation is for the class to turn the ring so others can read it.

    prayer was required Knob Knowledge back in the 80's and woe to a knob who could not recite it, with feeling at mess!

    This prayer came later and I don't know if it was ever Knob Knowledge but it's still rather nice

    Sadly neither of these is included in the Guidon anymore
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