Citadel Leadership Symposium

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    Hey everyone!

    I'll be attending the Leadership Symposium at the Citadel this week. I'm very excited as I've never been to the Citadel but received plenty of mail from them when I was applying for colleges and it always intrigued me. I was wondering if someone could give me their opinion about Symposium as well as anything that may be fun and/or interesting to do while in Charleston? Any advice is appreciated! :smile:
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    Citadel Leadership Symposium - things to do in Chas

    Hope this gets to you in time. Charleston is the # 1 tourist destination in the World according to I believe it is Conde Nast Magazine 2013 edition - so you should have no trouble finding interesting and fun things to do. Downtown is a living history exhibit of pre-Civil War mansions several of which you can tour. The City is full of museums and old churches to visit. If military history is your interest, visit Ft Sumter - you can take a boat ride to the fort which is where the Civil War began. It has many exhibits. At The Citadel go see the college museum at the Library and then go down to the Alumni Center and view the original flag that Cadets flew when they fired the first shots of the Civil War at a federal ship attempting to reinforce Ft Sumter. Then head out in the evening to Meeting Street where the best restaurants and night life are waiting. Have fun - jealous
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    So how was the symposium?

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