Citizenship consideration for NASS and USNA

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    @GlacierNote, you are correct that U.S. Citizenship is not a requirement to attend NASS, but must be attained prior to I-Day. For Class of 2021 that is 29 Jun 2017.

    Are your parents applying for U.S. Citizenship, or are you waiting to turn 18 to start the process yourself? There are many factors affecting how quick it can be done from applying to actually receiving the naturalization certificate (e.g. the city and state you live in). Even assuming everything goes smoothly, do you think it is realistic to expect you will be sworn in as a U.S. Citizen and able to produce the paperwork to admissions that you are a U.S. Citizen prior to 29 Jun 2017?

    What about applying for a nomination? Have you researched/contacted ANY MOC District or Senators' office to ask if you can even apply for a nomination before you are a citizen? I do not believe a statement from you like "I will be naturalized before I-day" will make you eligible for the nomination process because you do not have control of that. I commend your interest and effort to become an Officer in the U.S. Navy, but I hope you have already looked into these obstacles you are going to be dealing with and make sure it is indeed viable. Could you tell us what you are able to find out already? I am not trying to discourage you, just want to make sure you have thought of all these things.

    Btw, all commissioned officers in the Navy are supposed to be eligible for TS clearance or higher. In the case that you are eventually commissioned, if you have immediate family members that are not U.S. Citizen, that could limit your opportunities for assignments or jobs available to you. Just want you to be aware of this as well.
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    I will apply for naturalization myself. It takes about 6 months around my area for the process to be completed. The time schedule is very tight for sure, but I have backup plans if USNA doesn't work out. As for nominations, I know at least one of the MOC requires me to be a U.S. citizen in order to request a nomination. Lastly, I haven't heard about the TS clearance part for officers, but I'll look in to it.
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