Civilian University to Service Academy Transfer


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Jun 7, 2016
So I am going to civilian college as a freshman next fall (class of 2020), and the college I am going to is my back up because I didn't make it into the Naval Academy last year. I was wondering if I would be able to transfer to the Naval Academy after my first year of civilian college. Obviously I would be class of 2021 if I am able to transfer. There is a complication however, and that is that I am going to the civilian college on an NCAA D1 scholarship for which I've signed to 4 years. Would I be able to get out of that contract in order to go to the Academy? Would my NCAA eligibility be forfeited? Is it even possible for me to transfer? Thanks.
Read your contract is should say what you committed to and what your college committed to. You should then be able to answer the question for yourself. Without seeing the contract we would just be making assumptions.

The NCAA does not prevent transfers bt it does regulate the process along with eligibility. The NCAA has rules that govern eligibility. Here is the NCAA faq on transfers I believe the worst case is that you would have to sit out for a year.

If I were to guess, your contract does not prevent you from transferring and there are situations, like poor grades and conduct violations, that would also void your contract.
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Please don't construe my post for "official" advice or predictions of the future. You should follow what CaptMJ posted, however, please see page 10, paragraph 5 of the link below. _Guidelines_and_Directives_20160422.pdf.
Thank you usnabgo08. My DD had a rough go this year missing out on an appointment to a "principal nominee". She will compete in DIV I athletics next year but it is great that the NCAA recognizes the sacrifice these kids volunteer for by attending a service academy. Plan B balanced academics, ROTC and athletics and this will take a load off her mind when she reapplies next year. She will still get to compete without having to sit out a year. I know this is the Naval Academy forum but she knows that the last two words of the National Anthem are "BEAT NAVY"
USMA1994, I can't speak for what the NCAA will do in the future, but I hope they do continue granting waivers for those transferring to SAs, as well. As a reminder...since you graduated (I assume that was 1994), that phrase has only been said emphatically 5 of 22 times at A-N football games. I'll also add that the all-time Army-Navy record is 1026-780-41 (in favor of Navy) I beg to differ based on some opinion, but also facts.